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December 10th to 12th, from 17 to 21 h
Libre Space is a non-profit foundation for Open Source Space Technologies based in Athens, Greece.
Taller de producción
Desde 25/11/2019 18:00 hasta 30/11/2019 21:00
Auditorium , Lab 0 , (Lab 0 como lugar de encuentro para los talleres, Auditorio para las reuniones, performances, proyecciones y charlas)
The festival presents a series of workshops, talks and concerts in connection with the 10th Symposium On the Net, held in 2018 in Medialab-Prado on the subject of voice in poetry, cinema and experimental music. The development of voice as an artistic...
Del 25 al 27 de noviembre de 2019
Lab 0 , Auditorium , (Lab 0 as meeting point)
The 3-day workshop aims to reflect upon acoustics as a framework that, by lending to the shaping of social and spatial environments, greatly impacts onto experiences of belonging and unbelonging. Extending from Jacques Rancière’s notion of “the...
Taller de formación
Desde las 12:00 hasta 14:00 el 23/11/2019
Lab 1
El Paraíso de la Deuda (Debt Paradise) is both a workshop and a videogame, which we will play collectively and interactively so that anyone, from children to the "big ones", can understand the complex terms used in economic jargon, such as 'sovereign...
Debate/mesa redonda Festival Taller familiar/infantil/juvenil
Desde las 11:00 hasta 15:00 el 23/11/2019
Canteen , Lab 0 , Patio
Cooking is a cultural and social act that gives rise to learning processes that promote participation. Opening our pots and pans is an invitation to share recipes, stories, condiments and tastes.
Debate/mesa redonda Encuentro comunidad Taller de producción
Desde las 16:00 hasta 21:00 el 21/11/2019
Do you know what an edition marathon is? It is an event of collective and simultaneous edition in Wikipedia, free and open to the public, in which people with different levels of experience meet in person or virtually to improve or create articles.
Debate/mesa redonda Encuentro comunidad Taller de producción
November, 19th at 7 pm
Inside the Workshop of prototyping Librarian Laboratories organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports together with Medialab Prado, the inaugural talk by Daniel Goldin is held
November from 19th to 22th
Auditorium , Lab 0
Laboratories Librarians is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Medialab Prado that consists of a workshop for collaborative prototyping of projects that explore ways in which public libraries function as citizen laboratories.
Taller de producción
Desde las 11:00 hasta 16:00 el 16/11/2019
Lab 0
Workshop on how to build rockets.
Taller de producción
Desde las 18:00 hasta 20:30 el 08/02/2019
Lab 1
The objective of this working group is to rethink our cities from the needs of the citizens themselves, taking as a starting point the SDGs, a framework created by the United Nations that puts us as a challenge in 2030 to implement sustainable...
Reunión grupo de trabajo
Desde 07/05/2019 17:00 hasta 17/12/2019 19:00
We are many people who bleed, we are going to bleed or we have bled in a biological or performative way, and we have the need and the desire to speak, put in common, think, write, read and empower each other through it.
Reunión grupo de trabajo
Desde 06/05/2019 18:00 hasta 24/02/2020 21:00
AGENCIA_RV [AGENCY_VR] is a Medialab Prado Working Group whose purpose will be to investigate Narrative Virtual Reality, known as CVR, Cinematic Virtual Reality. Its aim is to study the contents and forms of virtual reality but focusing on its...
Reunión grupo de trabajo