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Desde las 09:00 hasta 15:00 el 23/11/2018
The project Democratic Cities is an international conference aimed at exploring the possibilities offered by participatory technologies, digital tools and participatory processes that are transforming cities. The 2018 edition will be held in Madrid...
Debate/mesa redonda
Desde las 10:00 hasta 13:30 el 16/11/2018
The coordinators of the ten projects selected for Collective Intelligence for Democracy will present the results of the workshop
From 18:00 to 19:00 el 13/10/2018
Lab 1
The Ethics of Design conference will be given by Miryam González Duque, from the software development company Kaleidos . The talk will address the ethical issues related to design processes starting from the following perspective: Points of contact...
From 25/10 to 27/10 and from 29/11 to 01/12 of 2018
Medialab Prado organises a production workshop of collaborative projects related to the develop of musical instruments, installations or devices. The general aim is to help local artists, musicians, researchers or interested people on the field...
Taller de producción