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Desde las 18:00 hasta 19:30 el 22/09/2020
Third open session of the course How to set up a citizen laboratory and build collaboration networks in which Ana Longoni and Amador Fernandez-Savater will talk about how social practices of invention in everyday life could lead to other forms of...
Debate/mesa redonda
Desde 21/09/2020 15:47 hasta 25/09/2020 15:47
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Rural Experimenta is an initiative of the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes and Medialab Prado that consists of a workshop for the collaborative development of experimentation and innovation projects in rural areas.
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Desde 09/09/2020 02:17 hasta 20/09/2020 02:17
Fachada Digital
Medialab repeats as one of the venues of the Festival Proyector'20. The Digital Façade hosts the work of Francesca Fini and on September 15 we will have an artists' meeting online and broadcast via streaming.
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Desde 07/05/2019 17:00 hasta 17/12/2019 19:00
We are many people who bleed, we are going to bleed or we have bled in a biological or performative way, and we have the need and the desire to speak, put in common, think, write, read and empower each other through it.
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