Commons Lab General Meeting. March 2013

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We propose a debate on three points:

1- The Lab´s objectives. In the first session, five years ago, we stated that the objective of the Lab was to “think about the commons, increase awareness of dangers lurking and experiment with the possible ways ensuring value. Have these objectives been met? If so, to what extent? Are these objectives still valid or should others be incorporated?

2- For some time now the Lab has been working “by projects”. This project-based organization is intended as a strategy to stimulate production and implementation. How can the connection between projects be improved? How can we better utilize what is done for one project so it feeds more research into others? Projects have their own dynamics, but considering the timing of each, what could the Lab bring to them?

3- The Commons Lab comes together four or five times a year for general meetings. What questions will be discussed in the Lab´s 2013 meetings? We propose the main topic be public and common. We hope to dismantle the term “public”, expressed through intense resistances, organized as tides, by public-officials, which is increasingly being used as a tool that serves the market and private interests, which is rather a perverse use of the word “commons” to justify neo-liberal politics. What does the Commons Lab have to say about all this? Should this crisis (or management of the crisis) require any reaction on our part? If so, then what?

In conclusion, we propose a Commons Lab session on March 15, 2013, with the following questions: 1) Are the Lab´s objectives the same as those that were in place in the past? 2) What is the connection between Lab projects? How could these relate to enrich one another? 3) What major topics should the Lab general meetings address this year, and what specific sessions need to be planned? What about the relationship between the public and the ordinary?

This is addressed to Lab projects participants as well as to anyone interested in or concerned about the area of the commons.

We look forward to seeing you!

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