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Medialab repeats as one of the venues of the Festival Proyector'20. The Digital Façade hosts the work of Francesca Fini and on September 15 we will have an artists' meeting online and broadcast via streaming.

"We are facing the most complex edition after the dozen already held by PROYECTOR / Video Art Festival. Unsurprisingly, it’s the thirteenth edition! And this will take place, if you allow us, from 9 to 20 September 2020, scattered throughout the city of Madrid in different venues and spaces.

We do not want to make an online exhibition, because our festival has as a differentiating element to try to show the works of the artists with the characteristics that they request, which always leads us to give great importance to the relationship of the work with the space that welcomes it and in relation to the viewer himself. We enjoy multiscreen video installations, immersive works, those that require the viewer to be activated. The challenges that lead us to make proposals in rooms as varied as institutional, museum, private galleries, independent spaces, old porn cinemas and especially the use of public space are also a great pleasure. The facades of buildings such as the Medialab Prado and projections in social spaces such as ¡ésta es una PLAZA! allow us to surprise and surprise ourselves in central neighborhoods of Madrid. We have always wanted to be a multi-site, decentralized festival that reaches different audiences, video art lovers and potential new fans, who accompany us and share 12 days of really intense programming with us year after year. Some 12 events spread over 12 venues that will host an extensive selection of pieces from the best national and international contemporary video art. In addition to the venues already mentioned, it is always a pleasure to have new additions, such as White Lab. We also once again highlight spaces that allow us to develop new works, interventions and site-specific video installations such as El Instante Fundación and AVAM Extension, and others of which we are very proud, and who continue to bet on giving visibility to a festival of moving images such as PROYECTOR: free, international and of indisputable quality. These venues are: Cruce, Institut Français de Madrid, Quinta del Sordo, Sala Alcalá 31, Sala El Águila y Secuencia de Inútiles

The program, for yet another year, is made up of almost a hundred works of various types: interactive pieces, experimental video art, single-channel and multi-channel video installations, and site-specific works created exclusively for the festival. The videos have been produced by artists, either selected by a specialized jury through a call, or international guests selected by the festival, as well as curators developed by directors of festivals, museums or independent projects that will present us with a selection of works. In recent years we have wanted to expand our already known European and Latin American territory to approach more unknown worlds, as we did last year with Southeast Asia, and with the Middle East. We also want to highlight that practically all women are in charge of the most powerful curators and projects in these countries. We have a great opportunity to meet them personally, as they will come twice to show these selections, and to participate in professional meetings, meetings that open the doors to understand the problems of each of their proposals. Nor do we forget to give voice to the creators themselves with the artists’ meetings, which will be, together with the workshops, essential pieces of our festival.

As you know, we do not want to focus on a single annual theme, since it would close many doors to so many international creators; therefore we create samples for each venue, with always varied themes. This year they are: “Feminisms”, “Landscape manipulation”, “Border cities”, “The sound body”, “Speaking of God”, “Fictional architectures” …. These themes help us define the conjunctures of our society, from a political and social point of view, but without neglecting the reflection, irony and experimentation that characterizes us.

We also highlight the collaboration with the Teresa Sapey Collection which offers some of their best works for the festival.

Despite the distancing that this new edition will force us and the news that we are not yet capable of imagining, we expect about 600,000 interactions in the RRSS.

Let’s remember that video art was born with rage, as a criticism of the media, the market, a passive society that only had the only truth as the television and what they wanted to sell us. Today more than ever we believe that artists should".

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