ICLC 2019 - #4 International Conference on Live Coding

From 16th to 18th of January 2019
ICLC International Conference on Live Coding
ICLC International Conference on Live Coding

The fourth ICLC will take place between the 16th and 18th of January mainly at Medialab-Prado. With presentations, performances, concerts and workshops it aims of exploring the richness and diversity of the practice driven by the creative power of its international community.

Live coding refers to the creation and modification of algorithms with a creative purpose in real time often in the presence of a physical or virtual audience. The community is diverse and seeks to engage in a wide cross-section of artistic practices including but not limited to music, audiovisual creation, performance, robotics, dance, scientific research and education.

Live coding is primarily developed inside the free culture movement, and encourages self creativity rather than cultural consumption. Also diversity inclusion and respect has always been considered a fundamental part of the thinking around this practice in live coding communities. 

- Venues of the Conference.

ICLC will be hosted on three venues:

  • Medialab Prado, where presentations, performances and workshops will take place. 
  • Nave de Terneras, where mostly all algorave sessions will take place. 
  • Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza del Distrito Centro, where more performances will take place, specially those related to traditional instruments and dance. 

Here you can find a map with all the venues.

- Program of activities and events.

(coming soon)

- Code of Conduct.

With the aim of promoting a safe, inclusive and open space at ICLC 2019, the organising team propose a code of conduct in continuity with the prior conferences on live coding. We invite everyone attending the conference and the communities around it to work for a respectful and positive environment. As organisers we work hard to preserve the warm and open atmosphere that characterise pasts live coding conferences. You can read our code of conduct on the official site of ICLC 2019.

- Registration.

To be able to attend all activities programmed at ICLC 2019, you must inscribe on this site (on a link provided on top of this page at the right side). This registration is free of charge and allows to attend all the workshops, presentations and algorave sessions on the three venues. For security reasons, access could be restricted when the capacity of the venues is full. In order to subscribe on this site, an account must be created. Please, fill the formular with your name and surname data since it is needed to provide some coffee services.


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