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malabares de 8 bits

Malabares de 8 bits, a project by César García Suárez and collaborators.




Numbers, Time & Space

by Álvaro Cassinelli and Philippe Chatelain. Collaborators: Daniel Pietrosemoli, Javier Lloret and Carlos Panero.

The objective of this project is to visualize the structure of time and its progression through a 3D system with which we can interactively generate 3D structures that can be printed as 3D objects. Download complete text in pdf (Spanish)

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Malabares de 8-Bit

by César García Suárez. Collaborators: Gorka Cortázar Mendoza, Santiago Lara, Jorge Barrientos Poisson, Mariana Carranza, Guillermo Casado and Víctor Díaz.

8-Bit Juggling is a playful digital  project. The movements of a juggler serve as the basis for generating different visualizations. Additionally, it presents an open and modular framework for the creation of interactive works inspired by juggling. Download complete text in pdf (Spanish)

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Nahuac. Instalación audiovisual subacuática

by Lilia Pérez Romero. Collaborator: Alfredo Quiles Blanco. Consultant: David Whiteis.

One of the traditional objects used in juggling are hoops or rings. One group of jugglers that use an uncommon variation of this instrument are dolphins. They create rings with bubbles, and push and shape them with their nose like glass hoops until they break or dilute. The project Nahuac is inspired by this and aims to recreate it by building and artifact that makes a toroidal vortex in the water to create a digitally controlled interactive and sound water sculpture. Download complete text in pdf (Spanish)

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La habitación de Fermat

by Mª Dolores Alonso-Colmenares, Lorenzo Benito, José María Gallego, Pablo Guaza, Javier Martin, Jaime Melis, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Paola Tognazzi and Diana Torres. Collaborators: Alumnos del IES “Humanes”, Manuel Canales, Filomena Lara, Irene Mandado, Gabriel Ramírez and Medialab-Prado. 

You have received an anonymous card inviting you to an abandoned warehouse.  Once inside, the door closes and is impossible to open. Inside the room there is a computer... This video game accompanies by a physical model represents the situation seen in the movie La habitación de Fermat (Fermat's Room). Download complete text in pdf (Spanish)

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Mares y Malabares

by Mariana Carranza. Collaborators: Gorka Cortázar, Iván Arroyo, César García Sáez, Guillermo de Paz, Proyecto EDI, Víctor García, Blanca Regina and Chris Sugrue.

The project Mares y Malabares (The Seas and Juggling) proposes a performance in which jugglers generate (in real-time as they juggle) the surf of a digital sea. Each ball creates a wave, the waves area added (or reflected) and generate a sea that evolves in real time based on the patterns used by the jugglers. Download complete text in pdf (Spanish)

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Sema 2.0

by Azucena Giganto Díez and Guillermo Casado Lacabra. Dance: Nirtán. Collaborators: Tania Blázquez González, Ricardo Merino Sáez, Víctor Díaz Barrales and Alejandro Pintado Rodríguez.

A performance inspired by derviche dance that uses interactivity to join the body with sound and light. As the dancer spins her movement creates a virtual vortex at her center that rises to upper levels. Moving in within this area and crossing her central axis controls illumination. Fiber optic cables hanging from the ceiling illuminate depenging on the movement of the dance, a metaphor for spiritual illumination that trancsends the physical world. Changes in color and intensity follow the frequency of her turns and her position in the scene. Download complete text in pdf (Spanish)

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This project is supported by the Grants for Contemporary Creation of Matadero Madrid 2010 and Medialab-Prado. 

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