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In an era of high-definition screens, liquid displays and powerful graphics cards, the thought of designing for low-reslution may seem a step into the past. If, however, that 192 x 157 pixel image is an almost 10 meter high architectural space, the situation is a bit different.

26,000 Pixels is a workshop that approaches the challenge of designing for the MediaLab-Prado LED facade through an investigation of creative coding and computational design principles. Topics include algorithmic animation, generative design and computational graphics focusing on how form, movement, pattern, scale and animation function in this particular space.

Each session includes a theoretical lecture open to the public and a practical session in which students complete exercises and have the opportunity to test and display experiments on the MediaLab facade. A maximum of 15 students may enroll.

Call for participants on the practical sessions will be in December 10th.

The activity is over.

Medialab Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid
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The activity is over
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