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This lab's objective is experimentation, production and dissemination in connection with the open data culture, in addition to fostering open data and the reuse of information.


In 2019, the work of the Interactivos'19 and the Data Journalism workshops is going to focus on the complex world of food, with reference to the SDGs . #followthefood We invite you to analyse, narrate or redesign, in a creative and radical way, changes in the food models that can serve to reduce the likelihood of environmental collapse. The landscape, the territory, the use of resources, fertilizers, cropping and breeding systems, logistics, distribution, consumption patterns, the food culture, social relations, waste, the contamination of the different models, etc., are just some of the...
The Visualizar data visualization workshop reaches its eighth edition in 2018. Visualizar18 intends to work on Personal Data from September 21 to October 5. The subject of Personal Data is not alien to Visualize or the Data Laboratory. Recently, in 2015 we worked with the data of the commons, some of which are in that diffuse border between the public and the private. And in 2017, with regard to migrations -of data-, the Tráckula project was specified in an extension for Firefox that visualizes the entities monitoring our activity on the web when we visit almost all the pages -including this...

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