Medialab Prado is a citizens’ laboratory that serves as a place of encounter for the production of open cultural projects. Anybody can make proposals or sign up for proposals made by someone else and carry them out on a collaborative basis. Activities are structured around work groups, open calls for the production of projects, collaborative research and learning communities that address a very wide range of topics.

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Plaza de las Letras,
Calle Alameda 15,
28014 Madrid, Spain.

Opening Hours

Mon: 4pm - 9pm
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 9pm
Sat: 11am - 9pm


Sundays and holidays


Bicimadrid: Calle Fúcar

Buses: Lines 6, 10, 14, 19, 26, 27, 32, 34, 37 and 45

Suburban train and long-distance: Train Station Atocha-Renfe

From Barajas Airport: Express Bus 24h
There is also a direct train to Barajas Airport

Car Parking: Reina Sofía

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Activities are open and free of charge. You can participate in the different open calls which are issued throughout the year, start or join projects at the online community, or send proposals for new activities or work groups.


Medialab Prado’s cultural mediators play a fundamental role in its operations. They are always present in the space where activities are carried out, to ensure that it is not merely a place where information is sent out, but a place of encounter and


Lab 0, is an open space where we can find a couple of restored band saws, although they are currently not in use, they are a wink to the building’s historical past. In this space different type of activities and events take place; meetings, workgroups, concerts and performances take place here. It serves also as showcase for the results of the production workshops

Lab 0 has a maximum occupancy of 140 people, and a usable space of approximately 290m2.

Lab 1 is located above Lab 0, connecting with the former through two large square holes on the ground. These holes were used to facilitate the movement of large pieces of wood between the two floors when the building served as a sawmill. Lab 1 is a multipurpose space, mostly used for workshops and meetings, it also serves as an exhibition space.

Lab 1 has maximum capacity of 115 people, and a usable space of approximately 240m2.

Minilabs are small spaces of about 45m2 each. They are ideal for meetings or small workshops. They have a maximum occupancy of 25 people each.

Medialab-Prado’s auditorium is an ideal place for presentations, concerts, exhibits and other medium to large format venues.

It has a maximum occupancy of 210 people, and a surface of approximately 280m2.

Medialab-Prado has 3 apartments destined for guest residencies. The apartments have a common space as well as a small office.

The canteen is a place to have coffee, lunch or dinner, in a comfortable ambience that can also be used for small meetings, caterings, etc. It also has an open terrace, enjoyable throughout most of the year.

It has a maximum occupancy of 100 people and a usable space of approximately 160m2.


Plans of the building


Medialab Prado cuenta con un servicio de Cantina "La Francachela", cuya gestión corre a cargo de Ephimera. La cantina abre en el siguiente horario: lunes a jueves de 10h a 22h; viernes y sábados de 10h a 00h y domingos de 10h a 18h. La


Medialab Prado ofrece la posibilidad de alquiler de sus espacios para la organización de eventos y actos privados. El alquiler de estos espacios deberá ser compatible con las actividades programadas. Si desea recibir más información acerca de los