Collage of Hybridities

Collage of Hybridities.  Po-Hao Chi's s proposal for his residency at Medialab Prado
Collage of Hybridities. Po-Hao Chi's s proposal for his residency at Medialab Prado.

Po-Hao Chi's proposal for his residency at Medialab Prado is to design a collaborative, DIY-style musical interface that transforms fragments of online/offline experiences from the artists' and collaborators' everyday lives into an assemblage of embodied sensory trajectories. The process of modulating field recordings with inaccurate mappings between physical and virtual entities investigates sonic thoughts through material phenomena and collective capacity rooted in digitality.

According to Heidegger, things often reside in the inner co-responding of human beings. All human and nonhuman bodies are active participants in the world's formation and the ongoing "intra-activity." The expected outcome is collective instruments that portray the homophily and connectivity among humans, nonhumans, and technical devices derived from social-geographical factors.

Chi will invite each collaborator to choose an object as a "souvenir" for 3D scanning with personal mobile devices to create digital models from their surroundings. This approach offers a form of commemorating a moment in life and flatten objects extracted from personal experiences and original contexts into digital profiles that can be mass-produced and released on the internet. With the aids from the FabLab at Medialab Prado, Chi plans to turn these models into multi-format representations that integrate tangible media, photogrammetry, machine learning, and Web application as an interactive collage inclusive to all the glitches in the process.


On 24 June, as part of his residency project, Po Hao Chi will give a workshop on photogrammetry and 3D scanning:

On 15th July, Po Hao Chi will show the results of his residency, more information at:


Here you will find all the information about the all the creation process:


The residency is partly sponsored by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and MIT MISTI Spain

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