Funcionamientos. Open Design from the perspective of Functional Diversity

señaletica funcionamientos

Work station that researches on and incorporates the concept of Universal Design, a pillar within inclusive design, to the criteria for open design and the possibilities of distributed fabrication.The Spanish term "diversidad functional" (functional diversity) was proposed by Manuel Lobato and Javier Romañach in Spain in 2005, within the Independent Life Forum. In contrast to other common denominations with negative connotations referring to the level of functionality of people such as handicap, disability or incapacity.

Functional diversity is inherent to the human beings. Each person has a singular mode of functioning. Functional diversity is the result of keeping in mind every possible shape of function. Respecting the functional diversity in a society implies guarantying the expression of all those different and possible ways of functioning.

The Funcionamientos project hosts a series of initiatives that propose an examination of the design of the things that surround us, exploring the possibilities of a new perspective where the idea of functional diversity is the starting point in the development of the design processes.

Discrimination is experienced by millions of people in the world. We move in societies where normality patterns come to define the way we function physically, with our senses and psychologically and, generally, do not encourage the possibility of including other ways of functioning.

Coordinated by Alma Orozco. funcionamientos[at]

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