Mediation-Research 2015/2016

identificaciones del personal de Medialab Prado

Medialab-Prado counts with a permanent space open to the public with informtion related to the different activities, lines of work and projects under development. The cultural mediation program has as one of its aims to receive visitors and users, facilitate their access to this information, offer a chance to dialogue with the visitors and introduce them to project in development. Thanks to the work of the mediation team, Medialab-Prado is space for listening, for encounters, conections between diverse agents and of informal learning.

The team of cultural mediators has been selected through an open call for 2015/2016, the results of which were published in September of 2015. The members of the team are of very diverse backgrounds, each of them develops their own research project, which they share with the public. [+info]

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These are the investigation projects:


A research project that will study the conditions that foster the emergence, creation and continuation of communities that tend towards self-sufficiency based on three main pillars: cultivation of land, inter- and intra-community organisation models and the production and use of free software and hardware tools and processes. [+info]

Coordinated by: Chema Blanco (@jmblancocalvo) permasource[arroba]

Tecnologías de lo sonoro (Sound Technologies)

 Forum for dissemination, experimentation and reflection on free and open-source technologies that enable the synthesis of sound, its structure and its musical form, as well as the new modes in which these technologies are institutionalised, in addition to general reflection on how to develop a pedagogy for this form of making music. [+info]

Coordinated by: Jesús Jara (@livecodingmlp) tecnologiasdelosonoro[arroba]

Filobótica (Philobotics)

The objective is to create and disseminate an electronics/robotics learning method that will be of use to actors other than those traditionally involved in the “maker” culture. The first step will be to lay down a ten-point list of rules in collaboration with educators, artists, engineers, digital artisans, etc., after which specific learning methods will be designed in collaboration with each group of actors, suited to their own individual needs. [+info]

Coordinated by: Mar Delgado (@filobotica) filobotica[arroba]

Autofabricantes (Makers)

A process devoted to seeking new theoretical and technical advances in collective DIY manufacturing of artificial limbs, in addition to weaving and creating networks between support/manufacturing communities and families. [+info]

Coordinated by: Francisco Díaz (@Diazm_Fco) autofabricacion[arroba]

Escala digital (Ditigal Scale)

A research project focusing on digital manufacturing experiences and processes, which aims to turn this type of production into a tool capable of transforming our reality, transferring knowledge by documenting real experiences. [+info]

Coordinated by: Sara San Gregorio (@ohchesara) escaladigital[arroba]

Stream y procesos creativos (Streaming and Creative Processes)

A forum for investigation of data and streaming as a medium for new digital narratives, via creative practices with free software and hardware tools. [+info]

Coordinated by: Julián Pérez (@Largocreatura) streamlab[arroba]

Textil en abierto (Open Textiles)

Investigation of social innovation processes in the world of textiles and clothes via creative labs and collaborative methods, open-source technologies and a common process log. Reflective practice entails producing creation protocols that take into account the bodies we dress and the environments they inhabit as well as the forms of production we advocate and the impacts they have. [+info]

Coordinated by: Elisabeth Lorenzi (@elibolsa) opentextil[arroba]

Cronicalab (Chronicalab)

This project aims to implement an audiovisual multimedia communication device which, through the production of audiovisual chronicles, will generate a more accessible Medialab story, a more human vision of its essence, of its informal spaces and areas devoted to enjoyment, of the relationship capital of its people and projects, a capital in which the centre’s rich and diverse life is palpable. [+info]

Coordinated by: Julio Albarrán (@soulseekers) cronicalab[arroba]

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