Corporeal Narrative Gaming

Corporeal Narrative Gaming

The project will address the question “How could a hybrid paradigm that is able to sensitize the user for a network besides the internet and thus reflecting a human approach on interaction and connectivity look like?” in an exemplary way.

The project idea is to leverage the internet as an information transmission medium to better connect on a physical level. To achieve this goal, an augmented reality game is created that aims to blur the distinction between real (physical) and fictional (digital) through narration to engage the user more into his physical context. That way, the dependence of the user on a medium can be overcome by the medium itself using narration, i.e. the game can undermine the user’s affiliation towards technology to get him away from technology to unmediated experience with other players and thereby implicitly forms a network through the trajectories in the narrative creating a collective (as well as individual) experience of the game.

Most important in this project is the ability to leverage as many communication channels as possible (email, phone, text, skype, facebook, twitter, …) as to address the dependence on these media as well as to achieve a feeling of immersion into the game thus blurring the lines between the real life and the content that is created by the game. That way, our aim is to elicit a better understanding of the unmediated life in the user himself.

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