Digital Stretch Instrument

Digital Stretch Instrument

The Instrument

This prototype, which was developed by Or Wolff (ISR), Ina Kharadze (GEO) and Rosi Grillmair (AUT) at the Master's Course Interface Cultures (Linz/AUT) works by the variation of resistency within a stretch sensor which can be played like a guitar string. It's a digital instrument and sound transformation device. It survived ne performance in January 2016 already.

The sensor allows input values with a very analogue connotation, like the sound pattern of a guitar. At the same time the values can be digitally manipulated and the circuit where the sensor is embedded can be bent and shortcutted manually.

During the workshop the stretch sensor/MaxMSP interface (already finished) can be extended with buttons, potis and other modifies to allow more complex circuits. As soon as the working group decided on the input possibilities to use, lets create a customized housing for the new instrument (3D print?) and play it!

In the end the instrument can be part of an orchestra, used to generate and alter visuals and as a teaching tool to understand electronics and sounds. It can also be able to input and transform sounds from other sources and output a signal für visuals.

How to develop it further?

Technical requirements
stretch sensors, buttons, potis, Arduino, some prototyping basics, 3D Printer for final instruments

Prototypers: Arduino, Electronics, Java
Musicians: PD / vvvv / Synthesizer (analogue and digital) / MaxMSP / guitar player
3D printing genius

beginning: form project group, get to know each other, split tasks AND try out existing stretch sensor instrument and create samples
middle: think about and try out other circuit bending techniques for the stretch sensor instrument
end: create instrument in customized housing and play!

What can I do?
5 years experience in Java and Processing (freeswimmer), CG, vvvv, prototyping with different sensors (experimental swimmer), Electronics and Arduino (i can stay on top of the water). Interested in audio and sound (drowning still).

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Project status
Joint valuation