El Prado Gardening Guerrilla

El Prado Gardening Guerilla is a Guerilla Gardening game, where players score by planting and by moving plants from the opponents teams. This playful experience offers multiple forms of participation in the context of Guerrilla Gardening - one of the fascinating Open Interfaces to the city.

In El Prado  Gardening Guerrilla, teams of players are planting seeds (seedlings) in various places in the city ("planting spots"). They document each planting with a QR-code, photo, timestamp and exact location (GPS coordinates) with the help of the client app developed at the "Solid Interfaces & Urban Games" workshop. These details are sent to a server at the Media Facade at Medialab-Prado, which serves a game board showing the abstract distribution of the plants from time to time (while keeping the exact locations secret).

During the game, which may run for days, weeks or even months, teams may relocate their own plants and also steal plants from rival teams by adding them to one of their own planting spots. So teams are seeking out (marked) plants that are "in the game", other players and opportunities to plant in the urban environment. While the game itself has a focus on tactical teamplay, playing with plants opens up completely new experiences in the perception in the city. The game is designed so that players can drop in/drop out at any time. Players are encouraged by the game rules to treat plants and the environment with highest respect.

El Prado Gardening Guerilla is the first city-wide adaption of the concept of Gardening Guerrilla games - which has been deployed campus wide and during street game festivals - while integrating the Media Façade of Medialab-Prado as an unique game board and a meeting point for the players.

The rules are based on the urban Guerilla Gardening game "Speed Gardening Guer(r)illa" http://ludocity.org/wiki/Speed_Gardening_Guerilla

The existing game will be extended during Solid Interfaces and Urban Games: Digital Games in the Public Spaces (July 1 to 8, 2013) into a mixed reality game (analog and digital components):

  1. The plants will receive markers with QR-codes so they can be tracked all the time (think of it like a PRISM for the plants)
  2. We will develop a small mobile app to transmit the position of the plants to the server
  3. We will develop a small server component to track the plants
  4. We will develop a visualization component for the Media Façade of Medialab-Prado

Collaboration profiles

  • Mobile Developers (Javascript / Android / Phonegap experience a plus)
  • Server / Cloud Backend Developers (something like Node.js, App engine etc.)
  • Media Façade Developers
  • Visual Artists
  • Playtesters
  • Guerrilla Gardeners

Goal of the workshop is to have  a playable prototype of the technological side as well as an adaption of the game rules and a general discussion of the project. Plus, a lot of fun.


18 colaborators






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