Freeing Images in Dust

Freeing Images in Dust
Descriptive Phrase
And what if we haven't any self-image to cult anymore? We would be free to feel, smell, touch, see? To live?


A mirror rests on a table. Many fans are arranged around it. At the touch of my hand on the mirror, the fans blow. As I watch my reflection, the wind blows with more and more strength. Little by little, i see myself being turned into dust. While the fans blow, my image dissolves into grains. My dust floating through the air to disappear. The wind ceases. Now, there no longer remains anything. Just me and my empty glass. I am free?​


Personal Profile
Rafael Ski
visual artist Bachelor of Arts and Design, works with interactive installations since 2010. Having performed in various group and solo exhibitions in several states of Brazil, he has participated as a collaborator, in two versions of Interactivos?. One in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 2010, and another in Madrid (Spain) 2013. In 2014, he took his project 360º Matchbox Pinhole Camera for interactivos?14 in Birmingham (UK). His studies and work involving visual arts, installations, film, new media, arduino, kinect, and artistic programming in free codes.


Collaborators Profile
A large number of artists and developers will be encouraged to participate in this process. Knowledges such as engineering, design, craft, product design, production, electronics, programming in processing and arduino, can be really helpfull.


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