Interactivos?'13: Tools for a Read-Write World

Interactivos?'13: Tools for a Read-Write World

International workshop. April 15 - 27, 2013

Interactivos?’13: Tools for a Read-Write World is a two-weeks workshop to collaboratively prototype tools to design, edit, draw and write together. Interactivos?’13 is an open platform for research, production and learning where multidisciplinary groups of project leaders and collaborators work together with the support of advisors and technical assistants.

The workshop is organised in the context of the The Libre Graphics Research Unit, a collaboration between Constant (Brussels, Belgium), Worm (Rotterdam, Holland), Piksel (Bergen, Norway) and Medialab-Prado (Madrid), funded with support from the European Commission. This project brings together typographers, web-designers, illustrators, graphic designers, cartographers, writers, artists and programmers and proposes a wide variety of activities, from theory to practice, through written texts, research meetings, experimental prototyping, seminars and workshops.

In this workshop nine projects will be collaboratively developed.

37 colaborators
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