Soil, Food and the City: Suelo, Ciudad y Alimento

Soil, Food and the City: Suelo, Ciudad y Alimento

A tool to map empty cultivatable areas in cities, to achieve food sovereignty and security and to obtain a global picture of soil health.

The objective is to create a low-cost tool to evaluate soil quality in an urban environment and subsequently to achieve a global picture of urban soil health. We will conduct several tests that will be conventionally divided into three 'boxes' or subsets of tests, each with its peculiarities, advantages and set of instructions. The kits consist of affordable and sufficiently sensitive qualitative tests for the assessment of soil properties at urban and peri-urban sites. The complementary nature of each test will help citizens and scientists to gain an overall understanding of soil health and processes within the city.

The team:

At we develop open source tools for people living in cities to help them design, build and manage urban farms with an end goal of achieving food sovereignty and food security. We also create social networks, software and hardware to help the production and consumption of products produced locally using techniques and methods that respect the environment. We aim to  promote sustainable agriculture, science, plant biodiversity and keep alive local cuisine recipes, returning rural wisdom to the cities, working towards a more balanced, educated, richer, healthier, and ultimately more sustainable society.

Vicki Miller is a geographer who majored in geology and marine science at the University of Sydney, Australia. She has traveled the world working on various conservation projects in countries such as Hawaii, the Seychelles, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Currently she is working in Spain, splitting time between teaching English and scuba diving, sailing the Mediterranean while researching cetaceans, and building urban farms with

Collaborators needed:

- php programmer

- app programer

- activists

- high school students from environmental sciences

- local experienced farmers and gardeners

- soil scientists

- experienced chromatographer

- botanic garden staff

67 colaborators
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