You Are A Virus!

You Are A Virus!
You Are A Virus!




You Are A Virus is a Twitter game and an interactive light sculpture.

Players join the game by sending a Tweet that includes the #Interactivos hashtag. When they join the game they are put in a team, either Red, Green or Blue. Then, while they are going around the Interactivos exhibition they will change the colour of lights in the sculpture by sending Tweets about the exhibition. The more they Tweet interesting things, the more the sculpture will change to their team's colour.

It's possible for players to find out who else is on their team, and by Tweeting as a group they can change the sculpture more than they can on their own. Group together and win the game by turning the sculpture to your team's colour.

Tools and materials

The You Are A Virus game is controlled by a Raspberry Pi. It then communicates with an Arduino which controls the LED lights in the sculpture.

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino


Simon Whitehouse

Simon provides digital consultation services in the areas of open data, social media and creative digital projects.

He helps organise and run a variety of events. These include the HyperWM unconference, Brewcamp coffee, cake and digital technology evenings and hack/development labs such as the Dev Lab for Hello Culture. He was a technical expert on Interactivos 13 in Birmingham which he enjoyed so much he decided to propose the You Are A virus project for Interactivos 14


Sophie Bullock

Sophie is a visual artist working in Birmingham, UK. Her art practice predominantly evolves into video and sound installations. She is also part of an artist collaboration that incorporates low-fi technologies with sculptural forms that the audience can physically manipulate and engage with


Alexa has experience working in enterprise, innovation and research for the public & private sector. Her role as a Cross Innovation Broker at Birmingham City University is to support interactions between the creative industries and other sectors. Alexa works with creative entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions and bring new ideas to the market place, developing links internationally








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