GAUP Survey

By following the most recent discussions about democratic participation, more specifically on PPGIS (Public Participation Geographic Information System) knowledge area, it is a tool that can improve citizen participation and the civic engagement. By collecting locations and spatial data that represent public perception, GAUPSurvey aggregates a valuable information to the public opinion - its location, allowing grouping and data analysis in a GIS. Results, in the form of maps, also have potential to support face to face public debate and to report the public opinion to decision makers in ready to use and easy way.

Online survey platforms are widespread used, but fail to implement tools that allow questionnaires to be built considering the potential of spatial data. GAUPSurvey aims to improve code and the front end design, allowing other question/answer options based on maps. In sum, we aim to get forward in the GAUPSurvey development. Possible improvements include: Help in answering the questions and use the mapping tools; advances in the map drawing tools: multiple points, buffer (influence area) and classifying features; convert the answers output to a GeoJSON format associated to each answerer; multilingual; mobile phone and tablet version; incorporate analysis tool into the browser that transforms the collected data into maps and graphs in an easy to use way; and customize interface colours, features and logos to every use case.