Sharing processes: exhibition about collaborative projects

Sharing processes avoids aestheticizing collaborative practice. It consists of ten documentation spaces in which visitors can immerse themselves in 15 projects: through videos and through texts that reflect on the residencies, but as well as other materials such as objects and photographs that have been generated through the course of the projects.

Sharing processes is composed of:

  • Afluents, with Seila Fernández Arconada, collectiu A + and residents of the neighborhoods adjoining the Meder river in Vic.
  • Affect 2015, with Agora Collective Berlin and several artists.
  • After the future

"Fairphone" talk

FAIRPHONE is a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics. By making a phone, we’re opening up the supply chain and creating new relationships between people and their products. We are making a positive impact across the value chain of fair-trade materials, long-lasting design, good functioning and reuse and recycling, while expanding the market for products that put ethical values first. Together with our community, we are changing the way products are made.

Miquel Ballester is lead of circular innovation at Fairphone. After graduating in Industrial Design

Collective Inteligence for Democracy will be held from 5 th and 16 th of november

#ICDemocracia2018, collective intelligence for reinventing democracy

The international workshop Collective Intelligence for Democracy reaches its third edition. The workshop, coordinated by ParticipaLab, aims to develop new projects to innovate in democratic participation. Fifty collaborators from fifteen countries will work between November 5 and 16 in the ten selected projects for the call. Richard Bartlett and Claudina Sarahe are the mentors responsible for facilitating the workshop.

26 Punto de Encuentro Festival: “On Vocal Agency”

The “Punto de Encuentro” Festival has been organized by the AMEE since 1990. This edition presents a series of workshops, talks and performances, in continuity with the “En Red” 10th Symposium held in 2018 in Medialab-Prado, focused on the subject of voice in poetry, cinema and experimental music.

The development of voice as an artistic research field brings up questions regarding the notion of ‘vocal agency’: a certain politics of voice, vocality and intervocality. This includes discussing and reflecting upon ways of speaking and how different uses and conceptions of voice favor certain

A room of one’s own - reflecting and speculating on our working practice

This taller is proposed as a space to honour the work of MediaLab Prado’s community of women and QTI/GNC people. Much like a map is an excuse for us to get lost, this taller is an excuse for us to come together to reflect on our own individual practices and in the exchange of our stories, find ways of being together and supporting each other.

‘Perhaps it is the struggle that gives us the resources we need to build more just worlds. These resources might include a certain willingness to cause trouble, but they also involve humour, laughter, dance, loving and eating: all the ways we have to

AGENCY_VR. Research Group on Virtual Reality Narratives

AGENCIA_RV  [AGENCY_VR] is a Medialab Prado Working Group whose purpose will be to investigate Narrative Virtual Reality, known as CVR, Cinematic Virtual Reality. Its aim is to study the contents and forms of virtual reality but focusing on its narrative possibilities in the field of fiction. What we want is to create a group of researchers and creators who review the current state of the narrative associated with virtual reality and are capable of proposing and creating an experience of this type.

We start from the idea that virtual reality is a new cinematographic technology, an advance

All Prophets are Wrong

In this master class, Patxi Araújo will accompany us to take a tour of his career to share with us his creative experience, his concerns and the paths explored with his work. It will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the methods and interests of an artist who has known how to incorporate technology into his productive processes without losing the burden of speech and his constant concern for communication modes.

Application to reduce the ecological footprint of your shopping basket

Aims of the Project Improve the social knowledge about the ecological impact of the food we buy by developing an app. Summary Food consumption is a good target in order to reduce the ecological impact of our lives, but neither the labeling nor the complex information necessary to take good decisions...

ART MADRID-PROJECTOR'20: video art and action art in February 2020

On its 15th anniversary, Art Madrid has wanted to organize an intense program of activities that begins before the fair and that extends during the five days of the event to turn the month of February into a real celebration of the most current and dynamic contemporary art.

Artistic research from sound and musical practice

Workshop proposal: Artistic research from sound and musical practice by Enrique Tomás and members of the 'Ensemble Container'. Curator, Alberto Bernal

Artistic research -artistic research- is one of the most active fields of current thought and creation. The investigation arises through a question about the world that surrounds us. The search for answers can motivate research processes in varied areas of knowledge. For example in philosophy, poetry, biology, art, physics or music. Research in general, regardless of motivation and methods, is part of that search for knowledge. The only