The C.O.S.O is a module that allows bicycle users to gather information on the status of the surface of the street as the go through it. The C.O.S.O is made of a controller (such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi), an accelerometer, a power source and some LED lights. This package is mounted on a case and...

Call for papers for CONSULCON2018

CONSULCON18 is a two days meeting of collaborative and technical conferences around CONSUL, the largest platform for participation in politics of the world. The open call will be open until May 25th.

Democratic Cities: rethinking the future of cities and social transformation

The Democratic Cities international meeting reaches its third edition. On this occasion, Ciudades Democráticas is a joint effort of the cities of Madrid and Barcelona to rethink the future of the city from the prism of citizen participation.

Madrid kicks off with Democratic Cities programming on November 23 in Medialab Prado, with six panels that address the future of participation, random democracy, deliberation processes and the phenomenon of fake news, among other issues. For its part, Barcelona closed the Democratic Cities meeting on November 28, with four panels.

Between 23 and 28, both

SDG LAB. Working Group and Research on 2030 Agenda and SDG.

We seek to create a space where, we can identify the needs of our city and promote dialogues through which initiatives can arise to meet those demands. At the same time, we will work on the dissemination of this type of international frameworks that promote a series of principles on which the policies of cities can be based.The 2030 agenda and SDG are our framework.

This working group will have participation as a basic principle, for this reason it will have an open and democratic character, we want to hear different voices, to start from a common framework and from there to deconstruct our


Transporte Público #DíaAlegación Movilidad

Este artículo es un resumen de referencias a la ordenanza de movilidad que afectan a Transporte Público. Pulsa en los párrafos en negrita los cuales están enlazados con los correspondientes debates en decide Madrid. Anímate a participar en estos debates dejando algún comentario con tu opinión.