Sharing processes: exhibition about collaborative projects

Sharing processes avoids aestheticizing collaborative practice. It consists of ten documentation spaces in which visitors can immerse themselves in 15 projects: through videos and through texts that reflect on the residencies, but as well as other materials such as objects and photographs that have been generated through the course of the projects.

Sharing processes is composed of:

  • Afluents, with Seila Fernández Arconada, collectiu A + and residents of the neighborhoods adjoining the Meder river in Vic.
  • Affect 2015, with Agora Collective Berlin and several artists.
  • After the future ... of

Automáticas'18: Recycling ideas, traditions and tools for a sandbox on experimental music.

It has been 10 years since the first AVLab 1.0 prototyping workshop at Medialab Prado and many things have happened in the field of audiovisual creation with technology. There are new tools and new interests, as well as a variety of media from which sound and audiovisual artists can express themselves and develop their creative work. Some examples of this are net art, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, cryptocurrencies, social networks or streaming platforms that have modified not only the way we communicate, but also the way of perceiving our environment, having fun or to


I am working as a Network engineer at Field Engineer which is an online marketplace who connects businesses In other words field engineer is a Global Marketplace connecting Engineers and Businesses.
The Futures of food

The Futures of food. Open call to collaborators

In 2019, the workshops "Interactivos?" and "Data Journalism" address the complex world with reference to the SDGs, i.e. the Sustainable Development Goals. We therefore invite you to take part in any of the projects that have been selected, to analyse, narrate or redesign, in a creative and radical way, changes in food models that can serve to reduce the likelihood of environmental collapse.

VR presence

Medialab-Prado quiere abrir las puertas a la presencia virtual en su centro. Para ello quiere aprovechar la presencia de Audrey Tang, una de las mentoras del taller de Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia que ocurrirá en Medialab-Prado en noviembre. La célebre hacker, recién nombrada ministra...