The C.O.S.O is a module that allows bicycle users to gather information on the status of the surface of the street as the go through it. The C.O.S.O is made of a controller (such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi), an accelerometer, a power source and some LED lights. This package is mounted on a case and...


Datastrophe is a video game that challenges the user to overcome a series of adversities, obstacles and threats generated in real time by the interpretation of data captured from the environment in the proximities of the MediaLab Prado utilizing a series of measuring devices. This exercise seeks to...

Democratics Lab

It will be based on the latest research and surveys on the cognitive frameworks (framing) of Spanish citizenship. We will understand: Why are people who are not intolerant attracted to authoritarian discourses? How can this trend be counteracted?

Digital strategies and tactics used successfully in other similar international contexts will be used.

Methodologies will be used in the workshop that will favor collective intelligence.

GAUP Survey

GAUPSurvey is an open source web tool that is possible produce surveys relating geospacial information to questions and people answers, what it makes possible produce public maps and spatial data that represent their perceptions of the urban space in an answer of question. The project on LimeSurvey...


Krystallos emerges from a research about the nineteenth century´s scientific imaginary that is approached from a contemporary and experimental artistic point of view. This work focuses on the studies carried out by authors such as Friedrich Reitnitzer, Otto Lehmann or Walter Hirt related to certain...
Visualizar18: Personal Data

Visualizar18: Personal Data

The forthcoming edition of Visualizar'18 (21 September-5 October) has chosen Personal Data as its theme. This theme is by no means unrelated to previous editions of Visualizar, as back in 2015 we dealt with data commons and in 2017, because of the migration - of data -, the result of the Tráckula project was an addon for Firefox that displays the entities that track our activity on the web when we visit almost every page - including this one.

What can do (and does do) computational linguistics in our day-to-day life?

Learn what computational linguistics can do (and does do) por you. (---- To be translated ----) Posibilidades de discusión e implementación: Tecnologías IA Google: Dialogflow Google Natural Language Cloud Robots conversacionales (audio) Comerciales ([API] Tecnología > Producto(s)) Google Assistant >...