Application to reduce the ecological footprint of your shopping basket

Aims of the Project Improve the social knowledge about the ecological impact of the food we buy by developing an app. Summary Food consumption is a good target in order to reduce the ecological impact of our lives, but neither the labeling nor the complex information necessary to take good decisions...

Euopean Green Week official closing event (#EuGreenWeek)

NOTICE: the venue has limited capacity. Registration is open until May 24th. It is necessary to register and be accredited at the entrance of the auditorium showing ID or equivalent.

The European Green Week is an annual conference on environmental policies where citizens, representatives of governments, industries, non-governmental organizations, academia and the media come together for an exchange of ideas and good practices in the field environmentalist.
The Medialab-Prado culture center is the venue for the official closing on May 25th. It is an act open to the public that will be assisted

IN-SONORA 10. Sonic and interactive art festival 2018

Since 2005 IN-SONORA has launched a festival in different spaces in Madrid, which combines sound and interactive installations and objects, experimental music events, listening pieces,, video art, workshops, debates and presentations. All this through a public international call that mainly focuses on the work of  emerging artists.

IN-SONORA celebrates its 10th edition, and as they say:

"With this edition we want to celebrate our trajectory and establish a direction to follow in the next editions, we have prepared a program that, in addition to paying homage to everything we have

Señal que muestra que este artículo es para inspirarse.

Inspirating projects for Interactivos?'19

Any project that is considered appropriate can be presented given the subject of the call. The selection criteria will be:

1. Degree of adjustment of the project to the call.
2. Innovation and relevance.
3. Quality of the project.

Taller Interactivos?'18

Interactivos?'18. Inhabiting RRRRubish - Selected projects

We present you the eight selected projects for the workshop Interactivos?'18. Inhabiting RRRRubish that are rehearsing or want to try new ways of seeing and approaching, in a creative and radical way, the exuberant mass of filth that envelops and intoxicates the planet and all its inhabitants.

Residency IN-SONORA 10.

As Gabi Schaffner said: “Every gardener knows: Any garden belongs as much to the sphere of imagination as it belongs to reality. As a sound art–based field for ideas, mapping and communication the “radio garden” of Datscha Radio will sprout a new offshoot at the Medialab Prado and invites all interested parties to join for a series of radio shows about the garden and gardening in its widest sense.

Datscha Radio is a mobile, site-responsive transmission project in collaboration with local and digital networks of sound (and radio) artists, gardeners, scientists and DIY people. Datscha Radio

SDG LAB. Working Group and Research on 2030 Agenda and SDG.

We seek to create a space where, we can identify the needs of our city and promote dialogues through which initiatives can arise to meet those demands. At the same time, we will work on the dissemination of this type of international frameworks that promote a series of principles on which the policies of cities can be based.The 2030 agenda and SDG are our framework.

This working group will have participation as a basic principle, for this reason it will have an open and democratic character, we want to hear different voices, to start from a common framework and from there to deconstruct our


Cell phones are full of different metals. In particular copper, aluminum, iron and nickel, but also gold, silver, tantalum, mercury, lead and a few dozen other ones.

Miquel Ballester, Co-founder and resource efficiency manager at Fairphone will facilitate this workshop and explain how Fairphone is addressing, tackling and solving one step at a time the problems related to the responsible sourcing of this materials, as well as how to reuse and recycle them. Through this interactive workshops you will learn more about the topic in an interactive way and  get to know your phones from the inside.