Gorka Cortazar is a digital artist and programmer born in Venezuela, and currently based in London. He focusses on exploring the relations that can be created by adding narratives to the environment through light and projections, developing creative software as mean of expression.
After a successful career in web development in Latin America, creating interactive experiences for brands in the realms of television, banking and telecommunications, Gorka moved to Europe in 2008 to pursue his artistic career.
One of the main drivers in his artistic work is collaboration. He started Tecné Collective with the Venezuelan artist Rodrigo Arcaya, based in Miami, where they focus the use of new technologies on ephemeral, site specific installations.
He collaborates with Lighting Design Collective to create cutting edge permanent lighting projects. With LDC he has collaborated in over 25 permanent installations in countries as different as United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Azerbaijan or Tunisia.
Also, he frequently explores new uses of light, projections and interactive technologies in the realm of performing arts, with the American conceptual director and performer Natasha Tsakos.
While creating lighting projects, he discovered that no tools in the market could offer the expressiveness and flexibility needed for the installations that he works on, so he decided to create his own. The evolution of that is UNSTATIC Technologies, a software studio that builds a platform for creative lighting in the architectural market. UNSTATIC is part of the Dynamic Environments Group, with offices in Madrid, London and Helsinki.