Co-founder and former CEO for the Citizens Foundation, Gunnar has been designing, promoting and pioneering new methods in communication and participation since 1999. Currently he is focused on creating Better News.
Gunnar Grímsson
+354 897-8229

Manager - Facilitator - Consultant - Designer

Project & change management - Democracy and mass participation - Online propagation & marketing - Interface, website & app design - Team building - Innovation - Gamification

Work history - Highlights

Founder, CEO - Better News - 2017-2018

CEO, Co-founder, Citizens Foundation - - 2008-2017
A non-profit dedicated to increasing and improving citizens democratic participation.
* Assisted over 1.000.000 citizens in participating in e-democracy worldwide.
* Produced 3 high-impact e-democracy projects in Iceland and Estonia.
* Achieved 7 law changes in Estonia through our Your Priorities e-democracy platform.
* Delivered over 500 real world projects through our Better Neighborhoods project.
* Presented our work to thousands of people at conferences and workshops worldwide.
* Awarded 7 local and international democracy and website awards.

Project Manager for new website, University of Iceland - - 2006-2008
Iceland's oldest and largest institution of higher education and a public research university.
* Delivered biggest website in Iceland in 8 months.
* Created and managed a new website design and production team with over 30 people. the core of which is to this day responsible for all the universities websites.
* Reduced complexity and increased production while improving flexibility of website production and maintenance and simplifying processes with new workflow and QA.
* Changed from 15 chaotic websites to one coherent and easy to navigate website.

Freelance consultant and designer - 1994-2018
Freelance and start-up website and interface design, consultancy and teaching.
* First commercial webmaster in Iceland at Miðheimar ehf. in 1994.
* Co-founded and IO-InterOrgan, an influential cutting-edge new-media company.
* Consultant for Parliament, Supreme Court, Central Bank, universities and more.
* Created and managed dozens of website projects for Parliament, Reykjavik Arts Festival, National Archives, universities and many others.

* Meticulous, thorough and organized, quick to spot faults and analyze problems and find and implement solutions.
* Excellent organizer and communicator with an emphasis on team building and collaboration, can both give and take orders.
* Competent at analyzing and improving online and offline frameworks and processes, websites, software and human resources.
* Talented in interface design whether for apps, websites or other media with a focus on clear and simple structures and organization. Also a good eye for visual design.
* High proficiency in a wide range of software packages with a preference for online software for easy collaboration but will happily use what is needed for any given task.
* Experienced in creating and delivering clear and to the point presentations to thousands of people.
* Excellent spoken and written English and Icelandic in different styles as needed, passable Danish, Norwegian and German.

* Writer of 3 handbooks and translator of 3 more from English as well as numerous instructions and manuals for both online and offline usage on diverse subjects.
* Articles and opinion editorials in various online and offline publications about webdesign, interface design and modern democracy.
* Designing, writing and performing dozens of presentation on electronic democracy, interface design and other subjects for small and large audiences worldwide.

* Course of Sonology, Royal Conservatory in the Hague, Netherlands, 1989, including Master Class with John Cage.
* Various courses and self-training in webdesign, interface design, user-experience, project management, human resources and democratic innovation.